Training & Education

General Information for PIs and researchers:

For researchers who plans to work in one of the DLAR animal facilities (Skirball, Dental, Parasitology, Varick, Sterling Forest, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Satellites), participation in the DLAR Orientation, completion of CITI modules, and Tour is required, in addition to adding your name on an approved protocol.

  • After gaining access to an animal facility, a designated personnel can sign up for Web Animal Order (for an application please see: WAO/WAO Application).
  • Charge Account(s) should be set up by the DLAR Business Manager. 
  • Cage Cards will be made for your cages when you order animals, additional cage cards or special requests can be made on the Husbandry Request (see FAQ/Forms).  This form should be submitted to the Facility Supervisor in the facility which the animals will be housed or the DLAR main office.
  • Veterinary Request can also be made (see Vet Services/Forms).
  • Medications can be ordered from Veterinary Services on the Drug Request Form (see Vet Services Pharmacy.
  • For information on upcoming Seminars or Workshops (see Training & Education/Schedule). 
  • For additional training or question, please contact the Training Coordinator at

For researchers whose animals are located in Sterling Forest (DEMSAF), Orientation with DLAR is required.  Tour of the facility is arranged with the Director of Sterling Forest, information will be given after completion of orientation. 

For researchers who plan to work in Alexandria Center for Life Science (ACLS) at East River Science Park, please find training, ordering and contact information under Web Animal Order/ Alexandria ERSP.  Please note Alexandria is NOT a DLAR Facility.